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Wellness Care and Classes

Lone Star Spine and Rehab offers wellness care and classes to help improve your quality of life. We strongly encourage all of our patients, family, and friends to live a wellness lifestyle.

prioritize self-care

“What is a wellness lifestyle?” you may ask. It is a lifestyle in which you are proactive about your health. Instead of waiting to get sick, you do things to make yourself healthier so you rarely do.

A wellness lifestyle consists of:

  • Regular chiropractic care which frees the nervous system of any interference so it can help your body function at its highest level, keeping you healthy.
  • A routine exercise that keeps your joints and muscles healthy and mobile. 3-5 days a week is recommended.
    • A well rounded healthy diet free from processed foods high in preservatives processed sugar like high fructose corn
      syrup, and free of artificial flavoring or additives.
    • Those that live a wellness lifestyle experience less pain, have improved function, spend less time and money on medical costs, become sick less often, miss less work and enjoy active lifestyles.

Commonly asked questions:

Why wellness care?

  • Because health is not by chance it is a choice. Take control of your life and your health.

Why not just use my health insurance?

  • Many times your insurance company doesn’t cover wellness care
  • Wellness care usually costs about the same or less than your co-pay would depending on your insurance or if you’ve even met your deductible for the year.