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Personal Injury Chiropractor in Schertz, TX


Personal Injury Chiropractic Care

Were you injured in a slip-and-fall accident, or workplace mishap? If you were and are having pain, we can help.

Here at Lone Star Spine & Rehab, our utmost concern is getting you back on your feet so that you can live life to the fullest, without the normal hassle of a high-volume clinic.

Whether you are dealing with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or leg pain, we will happily answer all of your questions and ensure you are fully informed of your options, the timeframe for rehabilitation, and how much it will cost you out-of-pocket.

Individualized care

We pride ourselves on helping you recover from your workplace or other personal injuries in the most effective way possible, making sure that your treatment is catered to your unique situation.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are available to help you understand the best way to proceed and will happily go over your insurance benefits with you to ensure that every consideration is made to get you healthy without causing financial hardship.

Chiropractic care plans for personal injuries

When a personal injury patients comes to our clinic, our first step is to ensure a thorough examination occurs to diagnose the underlying cause of their pain or discomfort.

Once we understand what needs to happen, we will happily go over your insurance benefits with you to ensure you are fully aware of the out-of-pocket costs, timeline for care, and the exact services that will be provided to you.

Throughout your treatment, we are an open book for any questions you have. We want you to feel empowered by our care, not confused!

Once your treatment plan is complete, we provide rehabilitative exercises to perform at your own at home. These will help you get back to 100% as soon as possible!