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Auto Accident Chiropractor in Live Oak, TX


Auto-Accident Chiropractic Care

Injured in an auto accident? If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, then coming to see our expert chiropractors at Lone Star Spine & Rehab may be a good idea.

Whether you’re dealing with headaches, whiplash, or any other symptoms related to an auto-accident we can help you understand the best path to recovery.

Chiropractic Care Plans for Auto-Accident Injuries

At Lone Star, we take the time to understand what is needed to get you back to 100%…and then some! Our staff of certified chiropractors and massage therapists will perform an in-depth examination to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and develop a personalized care plan to bring you to a fully recovered and invigorated state, sometimes leaving you better than before your accident!

After our examination and treatment plan development, we help you to understand what benefits are available to you through your insurance provider, allowing you to be confident there are no hidden charges or out-of-pocket costs.

As we work with you through your treatment, we’ll be there to answer questions and keep you informed on the services being provided. Throughout the care plan, we ask questions to be sure nothing is causing pain or discomfort, and if that occurs we will make changes specific to what you need.